Scott Marchessault

Assistant Instructor

I enrolled my children in Kenpo as soon as they were old enough to join. I felt that the positive effects a martial art discipline has on children (focus, awareness, self-esteem, etc.) would have a profound impact on their lives. As I watched them train, I became hooked. The study of motion, as it pertains to Kenpo, is a true art form. Watching my kids develop their skills through the ranks was a true joy to witness.
I decided early that I would take advantage of Mr. Soares’ introductory classes. At the time Fighter fit classes, and monthly specials were being offered. Fast forward five years and I was testing for my black belt. It has been much work, and much practice and study. Being in a Kenpo family requires lots of dedication and commitment. I cannot stress enough the positive impact it has had on my health and well-being.
Some set their goal at black belt. My goal is to continue reaping the rewards Kenpo has to offer well into my older years.


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